Grown-up fun in Epcot – La Cava del Tequila, 4 Mice

Common sense is not my strong point, which is the only way I can explain how my family and I ended up vacationing in Walt Disney World during the first week of August, 2010.  As we slogged through Epcot in the Florida midday heat and humidity, clutching the triggers of our personal spray-fans for dear life, we were ready to do just about anything to cool down.  Including possibly eating lunch at one of my least favorite places in Epcot, San Angel Inn in the Mexican pavillion.  So with thoughts of cooling off in the lovely air-conditioned faux twilight, we ducked into the Mexican pavillion to have a look around.

Once our eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and we were able to breathe again, we came to our senses and decided that we could make it a few more feet to eat at one of the other World Showcase options.  Then, we spied La Cava del Tequila, tucked away in a corner near the fountain, and practically empty. 

A quick glance at the menu made the Cava’s priorities clear – several pages of tequila varieties and Margaritas, followed by one cursory page of appetizers.  But given that the place was empty at lunch time during the busy season, and that we didn’t have lunch reservations anywhere else, we decided to stay a while.

We were so glad we did.

The guacamole is truly excellent.  I took this picture on my third visit to La Cava.  The first two times it was served with vegetarian chicharrons (which are much, much better than they sound), but the last time I went was served with chips.  Hopefully this was just a temporary sourcing issue and not a permanent change – the chicharrons were still listed on the menu.  If you go, please let us know what comes out of the kitchen!

We also had crispy flautas (beef taquitos topped with cojita cheese), and lovely delicate little crab tostadas with lime and cilantro.  We liked the tostadas so much we ordered a second round.

Oh, and did I mention that La Cava del Tequila serves…tequila?  Over 70 types according to their website, plus some creative Margaritas, Mexican beer, mezcal, and “Pinatas” – a non-alcoholic tropical fruit smoothie.  They will tell you that the avocado Margarita (below) is the way to go.  Don’t believe them.  I am a big fan of avocado boba, but this was just too sweet. 

The better options are the Classic or the Jalapeno.  Given my love of all things spicy, I went with the Jalapeno.  It had a little heat, but mostly was just refreshing and delicious.
There is one dessert on the menu at La Cava, and if you don’t look closely you could miss it.  It is simply slices of guava paste and manchego cheese, topped with agave syrup, berries, and poppy seeds.  We have become a little obsessed with the combination, and have recreated this at home a few times since our trip.  Mmmmmmmanchego!
Happily sated with fried food, guacamole, cheese, and tequila, we were once again ready to face the crowds and heat of Epcot in August.  La Cava del Tequila is a gem.  A little off the radar for the majority of park goers, they don’t take reservations and you won’t find characters (or many kids) in the bar.  It’s a welcome respite.  And you can still bring your kid.

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