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We all get caught up in our own lives now and then – bogged down with work, Project Bread Walk for Hunger 2012tired, overwhelmed, and grumpy. I admit it, I can be a pretty self-absorbed Mouse.

That’s why, when my sweet daughter picked up a flyer for the Project Bread – Walk for Hunger and asked if we could participate, I had to say yes. It’s too easy to forget how privileged we are. Not just that we get to travel to Disney now and then to sample food and hang out in the sun, but that we never have to miss a meal.

I don’t think about that nearly enough. While my kid is whining, “Mom, do I have to eat the turnips?”, other kids are asking, “Mom, is there anything for dinner tonight?” As a mother, it’s hard to imagine having to answer no to that question, but that’s the reality for hundreds of thousands of people in our small, affluent state.

So on May 6, my daughter and I are participating in the Project Bread – Walk for Hunger around Boston Common. It’s a 20 mile walk. Since I get winded walking up a flight of stairs, I doubt we’ll make it 20 miles. But we’ll go as long as we can, then hop a shuttle bus to the finish line. Whether we walk one mile or twenty, we will have put food on a few more dinner tables. And maybe we’ll both appreciate our next meal a little more.

If you’d like to help support Team and fight hunger in Massachusetts, please visit our team’s page on the Project Bread website. A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated and goes a long way.

  • $20 provides 40 people at a soup kitchen with a bowl of hot soup and a sandwich.
  • $100 provides a week’s supply of groceries for five families.
  • $500 allows a community health center to provide immediate food assistance to 25 hungry families.
  • $1000 permits a food pantry to give a week’s supply of groceries to 50 families in need.

Thanks, and we truly appreciate your support.

Dawn and Katrina

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