Announcing the MouseChow Meetup at EPCOT Food & Wine!

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Hi Friends! I’m getting so excited for the EPCOT Food & Wine festival this year. I haven’t been to Disney World since February, after having visited four times last year. I’m having serious withdrawal.

This year I’ll be touring, eating, drinking, and generally carousing with one of my best friends, without kids! I absolutely can not wait.

But what could make this party even better? Meeting YOU! Wouldn’t that be cool? Sitting around, drinking, chatting about Disney food, while IN Disney….hmmm…what could I add to this extravaganza of awesome that would make me even happier? That’s right, KARAOKE!  (I feel like George Costanza planning to have sex while eating a sandwich and watching TV.) 

So here’s the plan. Sunday October 28, 2012, my friend and I will park ourselves at Kimono’s at the Swan at around 9pm. Then, you’ll stop by at some point in the night (maybe you’ll catch a Friendship boat over to the Swan after Illuminations) and we’ll have a rip-roaring good time. You may have to hear me sing. There will be Kirin Ichiban and sake and kappa maki. And maybe a couple of giveaways. Maybe we’ll get to hear you sing!

So be there or be square! Drop me a line at and let me know if you can make it. Hope to see you there!

Dawn (a.k.a. MouseChow)

One thought on “Announcing the MouseChow Meetup at EPCOT Food & Wine!

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