Wordless Wednesday – Luau at the Polynesian – 2 Mice


The Focused on the Magic (almost) Wordless Wednesday blog hop theme this week is ‘E’, so we’re hopping along with Eating and Entertainment!

Inspired by my Twitter friend @Kelmour’s question this week, “Any thoughts on the luau at the poly?”, I thought I’d answer for others as well.

The “Spirit of Aloha” dinner show at the Polynesian is the show that inspired me to designate 2 Mice as “Worth a visit for the theme or show, but maybe you should eat elsewhere.” If you’re looking for delicious food, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a fun show and great atmosphere, then head to the luau!! We had wonderful seats and really enjoyed the show. The drinks were just OK, but definitely better than the wilted salad and mediocre BBQ. We LOVED the pineapple coconut bread, and could have eaten that all night. The good news is that you can use your Disney Dining Plan for the show.

So rather than a bunch of food pics, I’ll show you the fun instead.

Big ol’ tiki getting his nose picked

Smaller tiki getting his nose picked

Band at the Spirit of Aloha show


Focused on the Magic Wordless Wednesday

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11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Luau at the Polynesian – 2 Mice

  1. Love the pickin’ fun photos! I went to the luau when I was a kid and hardly remember it. One day we may take the kids, but not sure how my husband would do as a vegetarian. I know Disney is great with that, but that is a very specific menu there.

  2. I had a video of the fire jugglers, but can’t find it on my old computer! The show really is fantastic, the comedy is hokey and charming, and the hula dancers are lovely. I really do recommend it. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a vegetarian option. The menu is fixed – salad, pineapple, bread, grilled chicken, BBQ ribs, Polynesian rice, grilled veggies, and volcano dessert. It is all you care to eat, so if you’re happy with salad, rice, bread, and veggies you’re all set. They do have peanut butter and jelly available upon request, so I guess that’s some protein in a pinch, but I’m sure not what you’d hope as an adult vegetarian. Or you can just drink rum drinks and eat that delicious pineapple coconut bread. Mmmmmm….

  3. We tried the Luau this year for the first time and honestly it was the first time Disney has ever disappointed us. We were much more impressed by the hotel (now THATs a lobby!) than the show (too much silly drama and not enough fire!). The food was so-so. The show to see is the hoop de doo revue! We go every time and the whole family always has a rip roarin good time. The food there is good, not great, but the you’re too busy laughing to care. 🙂

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