Recreating Disney Snacks at Home – Manchego and Guava Paste

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Some of you may remember that one of the dishes that caused me to fall in love with La Cava del Tequila in Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion was their “dessert” – manchego cheese with guava paste and agave syrup with poppyseeds.

Well, Cava no longer serves food, yet I am still haunted by the memory of this delicious combination of cheese and fruit. So tonight, while watching The Bachelor, I decided to whip up a snack to go with my regular glass of Malbec. (Monday night Bachelor and Malbec is a tradition that goes way back…at least three seasons.)

So here’s my attempt:

First, open up a can of guava paste. I found it in my local Indian grocery, made by Goya.



Next, slice the manchego cheese and guava, and alternate slices on a plate. Drizzle with Agave nectar.


Sprinkle with poppyseeds if you’ve got ’em. (I didn’t.)

Et voila! Snackage, perfect with wine. Cava del Tequila used to serve it with Carr’s Table Water Crackers.


Maybe with such good snacks I can entice my husband to watch The Bachelor with me. Ya think?

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