Wordless Wednesday February 20, 2013 – Epcot History


The theme for today’s Focused on the Magic Wordless Wednesday blog hop is “History.” So I thought I’d offer up a few items from Epcot that are now history…

Bistro de Paris closed

Buh-bye, Bistro, Bonjour Monsieur Paul

Segway tour in Epcot closed

So long Segway tour. Keep on Movin’ Forward.

No more food at Cava del Tequila

Hasta la vista, Manchego with guava paste from Cava del Tequila. And the rest of your menu brethren.

And finally, my darling little girl is no longer so little. She’s a beautiful tween who wouldn’t be caught dead hugging Snow White and will NOT go to the princess brunch at Akershus. But I still have the pictures, and the memories.

Snow White meet and greet

Sayonara age Six and Snow White. Hello boys and braces.

Enjoy this Wordless Wednesday? Check out the other awesome bloggers on the Focused on the Magic blog hop. Thanks for hosting, Deb!

Focused on the Magic Wordless Wednesday

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday February 20, 2013 – Epcot History

  1. Nice take on history- but your post made me sad!! With my own tween girl, a memory of an amazing Segway tour, and a realization that I can no longer get a tasty snack at La Cava- I need to go read some brighter posts, stat! (Kidding, really- this is a great post)…

    • Yeah, these thing make me sad, too. But sometimes things need to change to make room for new adventures. My kiddo is so much fun at 12 – I wouldn’t go back if I could. Except for the food at Cava – that’s just nuts.

  2. Great take on history! I totally forgot about my kids and their Disney history! I remember spending the better part of a day tracking down Donald Duck. Boy, that was ages ago! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining in the DWW Blog Hop today.

  3. It’s your last photo that really struck me. My son and daughter have been going to WDW since they were very young. It was so much fun going with them – though now it’s the grandsons turn to have me enjoy the parks through the eyes of children.

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