Bars on the Disney Dream


In honor of National Rum Day (yet another ridiculous fake holiday drummed up by marketers on social media), I poured myself a Coco Cadillac – one of the drinks we were taught during our mixology class on the Disney Dream.

It got me thinking about the beautiful bars and adult spaces on the ship. Wish I were there right now.

So on this Saturday night, after a couple of Coco Cadillacs, I thought I’d share a few pics. Enjoy.

Cove Cafe Disney Dream Drinks

After dinner drinks at Cove Cafe

Cove Cafe is ridiculously empty - and cozy

Cove Cafe is ridiculously empty – and cozy

Adults-only pool bar at night

Adults-only Quiet Cove pool bar – great spot to hear some live music

Quiet Cove Pool Bar Disney Dream

Can you believe we were the only ones at this bar? Insane.

Mixology class in the Skyline

Coco Cadillac ingredients in Skyline lounge. (Thanks, Bonnie!)

Champagne cocktails in Pink on Disney Dream

Champagne cocktails in Pink. Great way to end an evening! (It was almost empty, too.)

Animated pics in Cove Cafe

Animated pics in Cove Cafe

Cove Cafe bar Disney Dream

Cove Cafe is a great spot for breakfast the next morning. Very good cappuccino and pastries. And no screaming kids.

4 thoughts on “Bars on the Disney Dream

    • That was during our cruise! We couldn’t figure it out, either. After our dinner at Remy finished up at about 9:30, we went down to the Cove Cafe for an after dinner drink (because the pre-dinner champagne cocktail and bottle of wine weren’t enough?) and we were literally the only customers in that bar. Then at 10 we went and sat at the pool bar right outside of the Quiet Cove pool bar because the guitarist had started playing, and he was really good. I think there might have been one other couple there that left shortly after we sat down. Totally weird. The entire time we were on the cruise the adult spaces were very empty, even during the day. It worked out well for us because our kiddo mostly wanted to hang in the tween club anyway without us.

  1. Oh and I forgot to mention that we were the only people signed up for the mixology class, so we got a private class! The bartender at Skyline, Bonnie (he’s from Goa, has worked on Disney ships for 6 years, is engaged to another cast member, and is training to be a fireman) totally tailored the class to our preferences and taught us his signature drink, the Coco Cadillac. Insane.

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