Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop: The Muppets


Kill Refurb MarryI’ve been a fan of Estelle’s ( and Melissa’s (  blogs for a while, especially their most excellent Kill Refurb Marry series. Tonight the topic is The Muppets so I figured I’d jump in with my picks.

Kill: Miss Piggy

Miss PiggyNo Muppet annoys me more than this obnoxious blonde diva. She doesn’t even come close to deserving Kermit. Sorry Piggy, you’re dead.

Refurb: Rowlf

RowlfRowlf is looking a bit matted at the Muppets Most Wanted premier. Someone needs to fluff his fur a bit.

Marry: Gonzo

GonzoAh Gonzo, the original Hipster Muppet. I still remember how I listened to Gonzo sing “I’m going to go back there someday” on 8 track over and over again when I moved all the way across the country halfway through seventh grade. Sweet, creative, downtrodden yet ever the optimist, Gonzo is the …vulture? for me. What the hell IS Gonzo?


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