Kill, Refurb, Marry: Walt Disney World Transportation

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My friends at the wonderful This Happy Place Blog and Mouse On The Mind are hosting another round of Kill, Refurb, Marry, so I thought I’d play.

Sure, they’re charming with their cute awnings and fringe. But those damned surry bicycles are a hazard! They are super hard to steer, and take way too much energy to pedal. This makes for a serious pedestrian hazard on the narrow sidewalks of Port Orleans Riverside. Heck, I’ve almost been run over on the Boardwalk by one of these nutty things. Kill ’em.

(Not my photo – if it’s yours let me know!)

Here I have to go with the Monorail. Step on to a hot, crowded monorail in WDW in August and you know what it smells like? Urine. It’s worse than the Boston Orange line. To see what a monorail SHOULD be, check out pics online of the Tokyo Disney monorail. It’s amazing.



This one was easy, though I’m not sure if it counts. Last month my family booked a Fireworks Cruise on the Seven Seas Lagoon. We were picked up by a pontoon boat at the Contemporary, and rode around with our super fun captain for a half-hour before stopping right across from Main Street to watch Wishes. It was a perfectly magical night. My pictures suck. (Lost my camera and had to use the iPhone.). Trust me, it was very cool. Wish we could do it every trip.



Thanks for hosting, Melissa and Estelle!