Adventures by Disney is going to Norway!


At last! The Adventures by Disney trip that I’ve been dreaming of is coming in 2014. Inspired by the new Disney film Frozen, Adventures by Disney will be taking lucky families on tours of beautiful Norway. (I guessed this one well over a year ago…completely inaccurately. Basically it was just wishful thinking. But my wish came true!!!) Can you tell I’m excited?

What could be better than a trip to the home of school bread, vikings, trolls, and tall blondes? Visiting with your own Disney tour professionals. You can book starting October 15th. I can’t wait for more details to come forward about the itinerary. I’m guessing:

Day 1: Eat school bread for breakfast. Walk on a fjord. Meet a cute tall blonde.

Day 2. Repeat

Day 3. See Day 1.

Day 4: Tour viking ship. Eat school bread for lunch. Meet tall blonde viking.

Day 5: See day 2.

Day 6: Dress like a princess from Frozen. Eat school bread. Trip over a troll.

Day 7: Pack extra school bread for the trip home.

Sounds good to me!

Adventures by Disney Norway

I bet there’s school bread in them fjords.