About MouseChow

BathHi! I’m Dawn, also known as MouseChow. I’m a mom, marketing manager, food writer, and frequent Disney traveler. (To view my professional page, visit dawnaguiar.com.)

I love traveling, eating, and writing about traveling and eating. One of my favorite destinations is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, but that’s not the only place I’ll write about. On occasion, my family forces me to visit somewhere else, and usually there is food involved. I might talk about it here. (Look, that pic wasn’t taken in Disney! I was actually in Bath, UK. The Roman baths were amazing. Food, not so much.)

And when in Orlando, I might actually go somewhere besides WDW. I’ve been known to write about that, too.

And by the way, I’m a little opinionated. So if you don’t mind reading a strong opinion that might conflict with what you’ve read elsewhere, then read on dear friend. If you disagree with me (or agree), then I’d love to hear why. Please comment!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I truly hope you find it entertaining and maybe even helpful.

Dawn (a.k.a., MouseChow)
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