Sunday Reflection: Gaston’s Tavern

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Front of Gaston's Tavern

Just a couple of magical British care givers

Gaston statue


Gaston's Hearth


Gaston's Tavern Walls

Tiny fake heads

Le Fou's Brew

Le Fou’s Brew

Gaston's Chair

The comfy chair

Roasted Pork Shank and LeFou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern

Roasted Pork Shank and LeFou’s Brew (with extra foam)

Look at my pork shank!

Look at my pork shank!


A Beautiful Night in New Fantasyland Part 1


About a week ago, the lovely ladies of MouseChow got ourselves all dressed up (as the magical British caretaker duo of Mary Poppins and Miss Eglantine Price) and headed over to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We weren’t sure what to expect as neither of us had ever been, but I did have one big hope – that New Fantasyland would be open for dress rehearsals.

We wandered back through Liberty Square and of course went on the Haunted Mansion. Then, despite being told by a cast member that New Fantasyland was not open, we headed back to just see if we could take a peek. As we were taking a shot of the distant and lovely Beast’s Castle, we were invited right in!

Beast's Castle

Beast’s Castle

There was a private party in the Be Our Guest restaurant, so we only were able to peek through the gates.

Be Our Guest

Continuing into New Fantasyland we next entered the square featuring a lovely fountain and statue of Gaston (standing on Le Fou.) And of course, Gaston’s Tavern.


Gaston's Tavern square

Gaston’s Tavern Square (with Beast’s Castle on the hill)

So of course we had to head into the Tavern to check out the food, and much touted Le Fou’s brew. (Basically, Disney’s answer to Butterbeer.)

Le Fou's Brew

Le Fou’s Brew

You’ve probably already read about the roasted pork shanks at Gaston’s. We saw them, but were not up to eating one that late at night. Honestly, they looked less ridiculously fatty and huge than the Turkey Legs, and might actually be an option to share with a few people.

As for the Brew…well, it tastes like the frozen apple juice that it is. If you like apple juice, then you’ll probably like this. The creamy foam on top is very, very sweet and somewhat mango-flavored. I was pretty underwhelmed, and for $4.49 I can’t imagine getting one again. I also don’t understand why anyone would get one of the souvenir mugs – they are hideous.

However the theming inside the tavern is really nice. I couldn’t help but compare it to the Three Broomsticks at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and it stacked up well. It’s small and cozy, with a faux fireplace, warm lighting, and lots and lots of antlers. (I’m assuming faux as well.)

Fireplace in Gaston's Tavern

Fireplace in Gaston’s Tavern

Antlers and Lighting at Gaston's Tavern

Antlers and Lighting at Gaston’s Tavern

Cozy Spaces in Gaston's Tavern

Cozy Spaces in Gaston’s Tavern

And by the way, Gaston’s giant chair makes for a great photo op. One of our cast-member friends tells us that Gaston sometimes pops into the Tavern and berates guests who are sitting in his chair. I caught a quick glimpse of Gaston, and frankly I don’t think I would mind being the center of his attention…so we chanced it.

Mary Poppins at Gaston's Tavern

Mary Poppins at Gaston’s Tavern

Eglantine Price at Gaston's Tavern

Eglantine Price at Gaston’s Tavern

Finally, I’d had about half of my LeFou’s Brew (and some pre-packaged Sabra pretzel chips and hummus) and it was time to move on from the Tavern. It was great timing, too, because just then the Hallowishes fireworks began. And Gaston’s square is a fantastic viewing spot for the perimeter fireworks. Holy cow.

Hallowishes over Gaston's Tavern

Hallowishes over Gaston’s Tavern

More Fireworks over Gaston's

More Fireworks over Gaston’s

Gaston's lit up like day from fireworks

Gaston’s lit up like daylight from the fireworks

Whew! OK, so after that was over, we continued on to the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I didn’t want to take pics inside the attraction because it’s very dark, and would require flash, but here’s a lovely shot of the exterior.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

I didn’t completely fall in love with the Voyage, but it’s a very nice dark ride addition. I haven’t yet been to the one in California, but am assuming it’s similar. If you’ve experienced both, please leave a comment with your comparison!

Finally, we were lured into the enchanted forest, for Enchanted Tales with Belle. We were asked by the cast members not to take photos, so I don’t have any. But seriously, to call this a “meet and greet” is not doing it justice at all. Of course that’s what it is, but the accompanying show is incredibly charming and, well, enchanting. The Harry Potter comparison here is clearly the Olivander’s Wand Shop, and here Enchanted Tales with Belle wins hands-down. As a parent, it’s hard to stand in line for an hour for Olivander’s and then have your child not be the one chosen to participate in the show. At Enchanted Tales with Belle, every child in the group gets a role, and a chance to be part of the show. And then each gets a private discussion with Belle. Disney knows how to come through for kids, plain and simple. (Plus, one of the cast members complimented my Miss Price costume, so he got major bonus points.)

Whew! So that was our night at New Fantasyland. Frankly, we ended up seeing very little of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. But it was worth it.

New Fantasyland’s Grand Opening is set for December 6. What are you most looking forward to? Any questions I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments! And stay tuned for Part 2 – Storybook Circus!