Adventures by Disney is going to Norway!


At last! The Adventures by Disney trip that I’ve been dreaming of is coming in 2014. Inspired by the new Disney film Frozen, Adventures by Disney will be taking lucky families on tours of beautiful Norway. (I guessed this one well over a year ago…completely inaccurately. Basically it was just wishful thinking. But my wish came true!!!) Can you tell I’m excited?

What could be better than a trip to the home of school bread, vikings, trolls, and tall blondes? Visiting with your own Disney tour professionals. You can book starting October 15th. I can’t wait for more details to come forward about the itinerary. I’m guessing:

Day 1: Eat school bread for breakfast. Walk on a fjord. Meet a cute tall blonde.

Day 2. Repeat

Day 3. See Day 1.

Day 4: Tour viking ship. Eat school bread for lunch. Meet tall blonde viking.

Day 5: See day 2.

Day 6: Dress like a princess from Frozen. Eat school bread. Trip over a troll.

Day 7: Pack extra school bread for the trip home.

Sounds good to me!

Adventures by Disney Norway

I bet there’s school bread in them fjords.

Scotch, Haggis, Monsters, and Disney!


I admit it, my guesses about the newest Adventures by Disney vacation destination were just flat out wrong. (Pssst…ABD, Norway would be really awesome.)

I should have known that ABD would seek to capitalize on the new Pixar film Brave (and presumed top of the Princess heap for the next couple of years, Merida), by putting together a spectacular tour of Scotland!

Since my first thought is about the food, my brain jumped to that not-so-appealing Scottish national dish, haggis.

But then I looked at the itinerary for the Adventures by Disney trip, and realized that the possibilities for delicious adventure were everywhere! Check out the hotel for nights 3 and 4 – the Cullin Hills Hotel on the Isle of Skye. Single malt scotch tasting at the Malt Embassy? Yes, thank you very much. A lesson in Scottish scone baking at the Isle of Skye Baking Company? Cool!

And I’m not only interested in eating and drinking! There’s also a chance to take a canoe out on to Loch Ness for a little monster hunting. My inner 11-year-old is jumping up and down, begging to go.

If you’re interested in monster hunting, archery, horseback riding, 3,000 year old standing stones, castles, and total awesomeness, then contact me to book your trip!

Carving at Norway Pavilion EPCOT

Carving at Norway Pavilion EPCOT

And be honest – did you guess the new destination was Scotland? I swear that first clue looked like one of the carvings at the Norway pavilion in EPCOT.

Psst….Here’s an update! Disney announced that they will start booking trips to Norway through Adventures by Disney on October 15, 2013. Here’s my guess for the itinerary.

Disney Visa Cardholders Save on ABD!

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Did you know that if you have a Disney Visa Card from Chase, you can save $300 on your Adventures by Disney vacation? Cool, right?! And as always you get 0% financing for 6 months. (Visa financial rules apply, etc.) You must book your travel by June 1, 2012, and travel by 12/22/2012 to save.

I’m glad to help with the details of your trip, and will make sure you get any applicable promotions or discounts! Hmmm…I’ve always wanted to see Machu Picchu…

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Adventures by Disney tour

Now where do you want to go?

Adventures by Disney Heads to SE Asia!

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I am in love with the cuisines of SE Asia. Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese dishes combine sweet, hot, sour, salty, and herbaceous flavors to create some of the most interesting and delicious food in the world. So I am super-excited that Adventures by Disney is adding a tour to these three countries next year! ABD posted the announcement and video to facebook and YouTube today. I’ve been going back and forth with my family, trying to decide on our next vacation. We’ve already decided that this year we’ll play it low-key, and save up for a big adventure in 2013. I think this may be it!