12 Neurotic, wacky, obsessive things I’ve done to prepare for my Disney Cruise


Other than blogging every step of the way? Oh yeah…

Here’s a short list that has me thinking that I need to add significantly to the “cost” of my vacation.

1. I wear progressive lens glasses every day all the time. Today I went to the eye doctor and got contact lenses so that I could look pretty without my glasses on the cruise. Then I had to go to Walgreens to buy reading glasses so that I can see with my contact lenses. THE DAY BEFORE WE LEAVE.

2. I was getting concerned that my skin was too dry and I wanted to look my best for the cruise. KNOWING that I have extremely sensitive skin plus rosacea, I used moisturizer with SPF 30 on my face because it’s all I had on hand. I had such a bad reaction that I looked like I’d gotten a massive chemical burn. My face peeled and was red, dry and itchy for a week. Then my rosacea flared up because I aggravated my skin so badly, so I got red acne-ish bumps all over my face. Now I’m using an antibiotic cream from my dermatologist to fix the damage.

3. I went on a serious diet (Medifast for those of you keeping track) the day after I booked our cruise. This was partly fueled by seeing pictures of myself from the awesome Disney blogger Northeast meetup in February. (Pics here.) I’ve been limiting my caloric intake to about 850 calories a day for the past two months. The upside is I’ve lost 21 lbs. This is a great thing (and the diet is very healthy – I feel awesome). And of course I’ll look much better on the cruise . But still, rather wacky and somewhat expensive. I can’t wait to eat and drink again tomorrow!

4. I’ve bought at least 5 different sunscreens since the awful incident with my skin because I’ve realized I’m allergic to sunblock. Each one I tested left me with a giant red itchy rash on my arms and legs. I finally called the dermatologist and got a recommendation – pure zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Bought it, tested, problem solved. (Also bought two hats.)

5. I’ve also bought two different types of self tanner. Have not used them.

6. Purchased sugar scrub to see if it would buff out the cellulite on my thighs. No luck.

7. Weekly manicures, bi-weekly pedicures. Last one was Wednesday – I actually got gel polish on my toes so that it wouldn’t chip. (I’m a 45 year old married woman – who is looking at my toes?)

8. Bought one of those over-the-door hanging shoe organizers because so many people on the Dis Boards recommended them. It’s sitting here on my kitchen table making me feel like a dork.

9. Am having constant dreams about buffets. This may also be related to the 850 calorie-a-day diet.

10. Got an annual physical (overdue anyway) just so I could get a sea sickness patch prescription.

11. Bought all three of us practically an entirely brand new summer wardrobe. Forced my husband to buy a suit jacket.

12. Totally online stalked the Disney Dream. Did you know there’s a Port Canaveral webcam? You can also track it’s movements here. And my new Twitter friend Scott @TheDCLBlog has kept me happy with videos and weather reports at the Disney Cruiseline Blog.

I’m sure there is more, but I’m too excited to think about them right now. Still haven’t packed!! We leave tomorrow!!

Thanks for coming along for the planning. Many pics and reports when we return. (I promise!) Oh…did I mention I bought a new camera…?

9 thoughts on “12 Neurotic, wacky, obsessive things I’ve done to prepare for my Disney Cruise

  1. Lady you crack me up. I can’t believe you lost 20 pounds! That’s AMAZING AND YOU BETTER POST SOME PICS FROM THIS CRUISE. Also, as far as gel polishes go, when you get back you should buy some Julep Freedom Topcoat… it acts like a gel and your nails look gorgeous. Even if you aren’t a good painter like me. xo HAVE FUN

    • Thanks for the nail tip!! Trust – there will be a TON of pics. Maybe I’ll even appear in a few. But only if they’re super flattering. This whole post just really accentuates the lengths of my vanity. Oy.

  2. Dawn, I love your enthusiasm! I’m allergic to some sunblock as well–I’ve totally “burned” my face before and it not only looked terrible, it feels painful as well! I’m sure you’ll have a blast on your cruise and can’t wait to read about the trip!

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  6. As I prepare for my upcoming cruise, I loved reading your posts. Finally someone just as obsessed with details as me!!! As you, I’ve started to diet and am down 13 pounds…did you happen to gain weight on your cruise? If so, would you mind sharing how much? I can put on 2 pounds if there is simply the smell of cheese nearly, so I’m a little nervous what toll 5 days of actual consumption will take. Keep the blogs coming! I’m a big fan 🙂

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