Welcome to MouseChow Travel

Kaki-Gori, Japan Pavilion, EPCOT

Kaki-Gori, Japan, EPCOT

MouseChow Travel started life as the blog, MouseChow | Eating Well in Disney. Once I started writing, people beyond my immediate circle of friends and family started to ask for advice on planning their Disney vacations, and I soon realized that by planning their trips from the beginning, I could provide more help than jumping in at the end with dining tips. So now, I’m proud to offer you planning services for your Disney dream vacation! At no extra cost to you, I will plan your trip as though it is my own family vacation. What does that mean?

  • I’ll obsess over the details so all you do is show up and enjoy! (Or if you like to plan, you can do as much or as little as you like with my knowledge as backup.)
  • I’ll treat your budget as though it were my own, and make sure you get the best value! (And if a price drops after you book your trip, I’ll get you the lower price whenever possible.)
  • I’ll find out what is important to you, and do everything I can to deliver. (In my case, it’s the food. What has to be perfect on your trip?)
  • If anything should go awry while you’re away, I’ll be here to make it right.
  • And finally, you’ll pay the same price for my services as my family does. (Which is nothing.)
Smokie City, Raglan Road in Downtown Disney

Smokie City, Raglan Road, Downtown Disney

So, welcome! While you’re here, be sure to join the mailing list, or email me with any questions at dawn@mousechow.com.

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